Our mission is to move your digital
project to the next level

We work with academic units, teams, and individual scholars to advance
excellence in digital humanities research, training, and outreach. From
planning to maturity, we provide guidance, software and infrastructure
development services, training, and support for projects of all sizes.

Consultation Implementation Training

Project Consultation

Do you have an exciting idea for a digital project? Are you looking for ways to improve or expand an existing project? We provide consultation for projects of all sizes, from the early planning stages through grant-writing and implementation.


Finding talented software engineers in an academic environment can be challenging. We have expertise in developing software and infrastructure for a wide variety of applications, and can provide the architectural and programming support that you need to maximize the impact and sustainability of your project.

Online & In-Person Training

We are excited to introduce scholars at all career stages to tools and methods that can transform their research and dissemination goals. We offer a unique combination of online and in-person training options tailored to your team's needs.

Why Move Up?

Unlike most technology contractors, we have expertise in both engineering and the humanities. We have designed, implemented, and supported a wide range of digital humanities projects using a variety of technologies. Here are just a few of the things that we're excited about.

  • Full-stack Web Application Development

    We're excited about building robust, scalable web applications from the ground up. We have experience developing front-end and back-end software in Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript (Angular.js, d3.js, etc).

  • Open Source Software

    Scholars around the world understand the intellectual and moral imperative to share their data and source code. From the very first line of code that we write, all of our work is publicly available under widely-recognized open source licenses.

  • Scholarly Data Management

    Datasets are growing in size, funding agencies and journals are requiring more transparency, and our understanding of what constitutes data is shifting rapidly. We are actively involved in the conversation surrounding scholarly data management, and have experience managing large heterogeneous datasets generated by and for humanities research projects.

  • The Epistemic Web

    The new frontier of digital scholarship in the humanities is encoding humanistic and historical knowledge in ways that respect its complexity and hypercontextuality. We actively research ways of modeling humanistic data to enable integration and analysis across disparate projects.

  • Trans-Disciplinary Training

    The future success of digital and computational scholarship depends on forging alliances between researchers and computer scientists. We have extensive experience training graduate and undergraduate students from both computer science and the humanities in ways that foster collaboration and understanding across disciplinary lines.

  • Communication & Dissemination

    We have advanced degrees in our fields, and actively publish in a variety of research areas. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to disseminate the results of scholarly activities to both academic and public audiences.

We want to hear from you

No project is too small, and no idea too bizarre. We want to be your sounding-board!